Hi, I’m Tosha. Welcome to my blog 🙂



I love to garden, food shop, cook and eat – pretty much all things food related. I love to eat out and explore what chefs are creating, but even more so I like to experiment in my own kitchen. There is something so gratifying about taking care of the people I love, serving them a tasty creation, and watching them enjoy it! I also like to know that I’m providing them with the best nutrition so that we can grow old together, healthfully!




This is me doing yoga. I also work at a yoga studio and try to practice a few times a week. Sometimes it’s for the physical workout, but mostly it’s because it gives me time to power down, clear my head and just breathe. I reeeeeeally appreciate that time.



And these are my partners in life. ❤ My lovely husband, Casey, and my adoring fur-babies, Mara and Oscar. Yes, Mara is quite a big lap dog but there’s really no holding back with her! And Oscar (or Oreo or Buster – his nicknames have grown over the years!) is my little sweetheart.

Casey_Mara  Oscar_Oreo_Buster



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